Latex Template for Thesis in G5 format

I have made the template I used for my Licentiate thesis available on this page to make it easier for others to write their thesis in the G5 format {169x239mm} with some decent margins, when using Latex.

The template uses the Geometry package which makes it possible to redefine the format to any size that is wanted.

The template in its current form is organized as a collection of papers, but with some imagination it is not difficult to make it into a monography.

The template can be downloaded here: thesis-template.tgz
A simple example can be viewed here: thesis.pdf

Finally I would like to thank Daniel Eckerbert for providing me with the template that I have based this template on.

Thesis template by Martin Thuresson

Martin Thuresson has created a thesis template that is made available on this page. This template is for people that want to make acutal reprints of their papers and include them as appendicies to the thesis.

The template generates a thesis that is in G5 format with 10pt font size. The thesis is then scaled to A4 to which reprints of conference procedings in A4 format can be attached. The whole thesis is then scaled back to G5 size when printed. This is to assure that the fontsize is 10 pt when printed.

The template can be downloaded here: lis-template.tgz
A simple example can be viewed here: licA4.pdf

I found the following pages useful for information about latex: